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Gallery Talks
Words and Images: Readings on Art 2018
Degenerate Art

Instructor: David Gariff
May 4 and 10 at 1:00 (90 min.)
West Building Lecture Hall

Suggested Readings: 
Allen, Greg. “Better Read #013: Modern Art Shackled To Communism, by Congressman George Dondero.” The Making Of, by Greg Allen.

“Hitler’s Speech at the Opening of the House of German Art in Munich (July 18, 1937).” German History in Documents and Images, German Historical Institute, Washington, DC.

Kuspit, Donald. "Diagnostic Malpractice: The Nazis and Modern Art." In The New Subjectivism: Art in the 1980s. Studies in the Fine Arts: Criticism 28, 93–106. Ann Arbor, 1988.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Two Girls under an Umbrella, 1910
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Two Girls under an Umbrella, 1910, oil on canvas, Gift (Partial and Promised), Collection of Arnold and Joan Saltzman, 1992.58.1

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