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General Information: (202) 737-4215
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Accessibility Information: (202) 842-6690

Art Information:
Inquiries about works of art and artists are welcome. However, the National Gallery of Art cannot authenticate works of art or provide estimates of monetary value. See our Frequently Asked Questions.

Development Office: (202) 842-6372

Ice Rink: (202) 289-3360

Employment Opportunities: (202) 842-6282; fax: (202) 789-3011
Jobline (202) 842-6298
[email protected] | Search current job announcements

Lost and Found: (202) 789-4626

National Lending Service: (202) 842-6822; fax: (202) 789-3246

Personnel: (202) 842-6282

Press Inquiries: (202) 842-6353
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Visitor Services: (202) 842-6691
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Curatorial Records (NGA collection questions only):
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How to Find if a Work is Currently On View

Photograph Study Room (appointments): (202) 842-6144

Print Study Rooms (appointments): (202) 842-6380

Family Programs

Children's Film Program: (202) 789-3030
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Family Program Registration:
(202) 789-3030

Stories in Art Information:
(202) 789-3030

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Guided Tours

Audio Tours (discounts for groups): (202) 842-6592

Docent-led School Tours

Self-guided School Tours

Sign-language Interpretation
(202) 842-6905

Libraries and Archives

Art Research Library: (202) 842-6511

Art Research Library (volunteer opportunities):

Image Collections: Slides and Photographs
(202) 842-6026; fax: (202) 789-3068
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Gallery Archives: (202) 842-6614; fax: (202) 842-6948
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National Gallery of Art Images

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Program Schedules

Calendar of Events (mailing list): (202) 842-6662
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Concert Schedule: (202) 842-6941

Educational Programs: (202) 842-6706

Film Programs: (202) 842-6799
To order a free printed copy of the quarterly Film Calendar, send your name and mailing address to [email protected].
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Cascade Café
Questions or comments, please call (202) 712-7451.

Espresso Bar
Questions or comments, please call (202) 712-7451.

Garden Café
Questions or comments, please call (202) 712-7451.

Pavilion Café: (202) 289-3360
Questions or Comments regarding the Pavilion Café, please call the Café Manager at (202) 289-3360.

Questions or comments, please call (202) 712-7451.

School Programs

Docent-led School Tours
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Self-guided School Tours

High School Seminar: (202) 842-6256

High School Studio Workshops: (202) 842-6905

High School Summer Institute: (202) 842-6252


Online Shop
Information and Mail Order:
1-800-697-9350 or (202) 842-6002; fax: (202) 789-3047
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Teacher Programs

Free-Loan Teaching Resources
[email protected]

Teacher Institute
[email protected]

Online Teacher Resources
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Teacher Workshops: (202) 842-6796
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Art Information Specialist (volunteer opportunities): (202) 842-6179

Docent Application Information (adult tours)

Docent Application Information (school tours): (202) 842-6880
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Internship Information

Graduate Internships and Curatorial Fellowships
(202) 842-6257; fax: (202) 842-6935
See our Frequently Asked Questions.
[email protected]

Summer Internships
(202) 842-6257; fax: (202) 842-6935
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[email protected]

Unpaid Internships
(202) 842-6257; fax: (202) 842-6935
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Fellowship Information
Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Art (CASVA): (202) 842-6482; fax: (202) 789-3026
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[email protected]

Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellowship

[email protected]


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