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Boussod et Valadon
closed 1919
Galerie Boussod et Valadon , Boussod Valladon & Cie
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Brother-in-law of the painter Gérome [1824-1904], Etienne Boussod was the son-in-law of Adolphe Goupil [b. 1806], whom he succeeded in 1875 as head of the Galerie Goupil. The name Goupil remained in use until around the turn of the century. The gallery, whose principal location was at 2, place de l'Opéra, handled academic artists such as Meissonier, Bouguereau and Gérome. A second location, at 19, boulevard Montmartre, showed less official artists like those of the Barbizon school. Galerie Goupil/Bousod et Valadon was directed from 1878 by Theo van Gogh, brother of the artist. Van Gogh proceeded, starting around 1884, to include works by the Impressionists. Van Gogh was succeeded as head of the gallery by Maurice Joyant [1864-1930], who with fellow Boussod et Valadon employee Michel Manzi [1849-1915] went on to establish his own gallery. Boussod et Valadon ceased operations in 1919, and its collections were dispersed at auction at Georges Petit. [Compiled from sources and references recorded on CMS]

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