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Anìmator: International Animation Festival
Shorts Program II

April 22 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium
Marcin Giżycki and Agnieszka Taborska in person

The second program features Velocity (Karolina Głusiec, 2012, 6 minutes); Piano (Kaspar Jancis, 2015, 10 minutes); Isola del Giglio (Tom Schroeder, 2014, 10 minutes); Baths (Tomek Ducki, 2013, 4 minutes); Bamboo Temple Street (Baoying Bilgeri, 2015, 13 minutes); O Matce/About a Mother (Dina Velikovskaya, 2015, 7 minutes); Kinki (Izumi Yoshida, 2015, 10 minutes); Moczarski’s Case (Tomasz Siwiński, 2015, 5 minutes); and The Bus Trip (Sara Gampel, 2016, 13 minutes). Total running time 78 minutes

Isola del Giglio (Tom Schroeder, 2014)
courtesy Tom Schroeder

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