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From Doodles to Pixels: A Century of Spanish Animation
Modern Times

April 1 at 3:30
East Building Auditorium

Advertising gems, a bedtime marching song for children’s television, animated folk tales, and other pop-culture delights make for a whimsical look at the last century: Spots Estudios Moro (commercials 1954 – 1964, 16 minutes); The Warrior Maiden (Julio Taltavull, Pepita Pardell, 1974, 12 minutes); William Wilson (Jorge Dayas, 1999, 10 minutes); Blind Man’s Bluff (Isabel Herguera, 2005, 7 minutes); Exemplary Lives (Carles Porta, 2008, 11 minutes); Maria’s Journey (Miguel Gallardo, 2010, 6 minutes); Vía Tango (Adriana Navarro, 2013, 3 minutes); and Onemoretime (José González, Tonet Calabuig, Elisa Martínez, 2014, 5 minutes). Total running time approximately 82 minutes

The Warrior Maiden (Julio Taltavull, Pepita Pardell, 1974)
courtesy CCCB

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