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A Universe Inside Out: Hubley Animation Studio
Faith and John: Shorts from the Hubley Studio

April 29 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium
Emily Hubley in person

A selection of eleven short films by Faith and John includes Adventures of an * (1957), the story of a baby whose delight in visual play diminishes as he ages; three shorts developed from the improvised dialogue of the couple’s young children: the Academy Award–winning Moonbird (1959), featuring the sound of their sons Mark and Ray Hubley as they “hunt” for an imaginary bird; Windy Day (1967) and Cockaboody (1973), both of which feature intense discussions about life between the preschool-aged sisters Emily and Georgia Hubley; and Eggs (1970). Total running time approximately 78 minutes

Adventures of an * (1957)
courtesy Hubley Studio, Inc.  

Film Programs

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