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A Pictorial Dream — Directed by Straub and Huillet

June 3-25

The partnership of Danièle Huillet (1936 – 2006) and Jean-Marie Straub (b. 1933) endured for a lifetime. Though Straub continues to make films, his meticulous work still references his late partner. Working together, their experimental, even radical, transpositions of challenging operas, paintings, and classical texts and music to the screen are unique, demonstrating an artistic alliance devoted to subverting all formulaic conventions. “At the same time, all of Straub-Huillet’s films are political, whether obliquely, in reflecting on the lessons of history and advancing a Marxist analysis of capitalism and class struggle; or overtly, in considering ancient and contemporary forms of imperialism, militarism, and resistance, from Ancient Rome to colonial Egypt to wartime Germany.” — Museum of Modern Art. With thanks to Thomas Beard, Joshua Siegel, Barbara Ulrich, Kathy Geritz, and Sally Shafto.

still from Class Relations (1983)
courtesy New Yorker Films

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