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A Pictorial Dream — Directed by Straub and Huillet
Not Reconciled preceded by Machorka-Muff

June 3 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

The protagonist of Billiards at Half-Past Nine, the 1959 novel by Nobel Laureate Heinrich Böll on which Not Reconciled is based, is a soldier trying to return to a normal life after World War II. “While the novel presents several generations of the German bourgeoisie as they skated from the 1910s through the Nazi era and the postwar economic ‘miracle,’ Not Reconciled merges decades, generations, and characters together, underlining Straub-Huillet’s belief that fascism never left” — Jason Sanders. (35mm, 1964, subtitles, 55 minutes)

Machorka-Muff, Straub and Huillet’s first production, is a free adaptation of Heinrich Böll’s Bonn Diary, a portrayal of a Nazi officer attempting to clear the name of a colleague. (35mm, 1962, subtitles, 17 minutes)

still from Not Reconciled (1964)
courtesy Belva Film

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