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High School Studio Workshops

These two-part workshops include an in-depth examination and discussion of works of art in the galleries, followed by a related one-hour studio activity. Workshops are taught by specially trained museum educators who will encourage students to look carefully at the art and share their responses, formulate theories based on observations, and make connections between art-making processes and works of art. Students should come to the workshop prepared to participate in group discussion.

Following the gallery discussion, students will create a work of art inspired by the subject matter and techniques represented in the art encountered on the tour. Through the studio project, students will gain an artist’s perspective that reinforces their discoveries about art.

A minimum of 15 participants is required to reserve a date; up to 25 students may participate in a single workshop. A single school may request no more than two workshop dates.

Text in Art

This year’s workshops focus on the use of text in art since the 1960s. The workshops will highlight works in the newly reopened East Building galleries by artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Glenn Ligon, Jenny Holzer, and Mel Bochner. Students will also encounter works by Barbara Kruger featured in a special exhibition. Through examination and discussion, students will investigate the many ways text functions in art—conceptually, politically, informationally, and humorously—and explore the graphic and visual effects used by modern artists.

Drawing on what they see in the galleries, students will create their own work of art using text as a primary component to communicate a message.


Check back here in June 2017 for information about next year's topic.


A minimum of 15 participants is required to reserve a date. A single school may request no more than two workshop dates. 

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