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NGAkids BRUSHSTER Interactive


BRUSHSTER is an abstract painting machine for kids of all ages. This interactive has more than forty brushes and many customizable size, transparency, and stroke options. A rainbow palette, along with a toolbox of special effects that blur, ripple, smudge, blend, and fragment your designs make Brushster a full-feature painting program. You can use it to draw pictures, but Brushster is especially good at making  abstract art.

Do you love random squiggles and dramatic gestures, or are you happier when everything is neat and orderly? Do you like vibrant colors or soft pastels? Do you enjoy drawing pictures, or can you express yourself best through color and texture? Brushster can do it all. Abstract painting is like visual music. It lets you share your mood or express an idea without painting a recognizable picture of something in the real world.

Brushster is programmed to paint abstract art, but the tools can be used to create realistic pictures, too. If you'd like to draw with Brushster, select brush #32 and adjust the size slider to make a thin line. You can HOLD paintings as you work, which makes it easy to backtrack if you change your mind. Held images will remain active and re-paintable as long as the Brushster  program remains open.  

To play, please download the desktop version of Art Zone or order the free CD.


The online version of this interactive is no longer available. To play, please download the desktop version of Art Zone, using the links below, or order a free NGAkids CD.

Mac users,  download the Art Zone for OS X.

PC users, download the Art Zone for Windows.

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NGAkids for iPad
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