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We are offering free CDs for Macs and PCs, as well as downloadable applications for Mac OS and Windows. Once installed, these offline interactives do not require a live internet connection.

If you need technical support, or if you'd simply like to share some feedback about our programs, send a comment to NGAkids. We are happy to answer questions and to help you troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Be sure to provide information about your computer and give us a description of the issue, as well as an address where we can contact you.


Depending on the security settings of your computer, Mac users may receive a warning that the downloaded file is from an unknown developer. Simply hold down the CONTROL key as you click OPEN.  Once you've successfully authorized the file, the message will not repeat. (This warning can be disabled in Preferences by selecting "Allow apps downloaded from anywhere" in the Security & Privacy section.)

MAC SIERRA/HIGH SIERRA: If you are using the Art Zone combo download on a Macintosh running Mac OS Sierra or High Sierra, you may be asked to locate the 'zones menu' file  (ZoneMenu.dxr) when launching the downloaded program. The folder path to the file you need to click is:


This technical issue only affects downloads to Macs running Sierra or High Sierra. If you need to open/quit the Art Zone program frequently, we recommend installing it from the CD. We also can provide individual activities that do not contain the "combo" menu. Please contact us for further assistance.

NGAkids for iPad

There are a number of help texts to guide you through the NGAkids Art Zone app. Simply tap the "i" on the bottom menu for information about the program. Tap the small avatar icon on the bottom left to call up additional context-sensitive help within each section. Repeatedly double-tap the avatar figure to display a series of hints about each art activity.

Be sure to download the latest app update, which has been upgraded for 64-bit compatibility.

If you need technical support, send us a note and include your e-mail address for a reply. Describe the issue in detail and tell us about your iPad (model number and iOS version). We will try to help you resolve the problem. 

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NGAkids on CD

Read more about the interactive discs currently available.

Visit Learning Resources to register and request NGAkids CDs.

NGAkids App

NGAkids Art Zone for iPad, featuring nine new interactive activities, is available for download on the App Store. Learn more about NGAkids for iPad.  


Use the link below to send us a comment. If you'd like a reply, be sure to ask a grown-up to include his or her email address in the note.



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