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NGAkids Still Life interactive

NGAkids STILL LIFE helps you create interactive compositions that mirror the paintings of the old masters. This Art Zone activity is suitable for all ages. Young children can explore spatial arrangement, perspective, proportion, and balance while creating engaging, interactive still life compositions that mix everyday objects with elements borrowed from famous works of art. More advanced artists will enjoy creating complex arrangements, and then switchng to the painting mode to add and manipulate textured 'brushstrokes" that give their art a more abstract, painterly quality.  

The online version of STILL LIFE is no longer available. Please use the links at the right to order the free Art Zone CD.

NGAkids for iPad

NGAkids for iPad
Learn more about NGAkids Art Zone for iPad, which is available for download on the App Store. This iOS app contains nine new interactive activities and an array of art-making tools that will inspire artists of all ages. The same interactive programs, customized for Macintosh and Windows-based computers, are available on our new NGAkids App CD, or you can use the links above to download a desktop version for Mac or PC. 

NGAkids on CD

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Here's a printable PDF checklist of the works of art included in this interactive. You can use it as a guide if you'd like to learn more about the artists.

Teachers and older students may enjoy reading a chapter on STILL LIFE PAINTING from our teaching packet on 17th-century Dutch art. (PDF, 561k) 

Still life Chapter


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