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George Bellows


Arriving in New York in 1904, George Bellows depicted America on the move. In a 20-year career cut short by his untimely death at age 42, he painted the rapidly growing city of New York, its bustling crowds, skyscrapers, and awe-inspiring construction projects, as well as its bruising boxers, street urchins, and citizens hard at work or enjoying their leisure. He also captured the rugged beauty of New York's rivers and the grandeur of coastal Maine and addressed the social and political issues of the day. This documentary includes original footage shot in New York City and Maine; examples of Bellows' paintings, drawings, and prints; and archival footage and photographs.

30 minutes (closed captioned)


George Bellows: Part 1
(20:42 minutes)

George Bellows: Part 2
(13:30 minutes)


George Bellows

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