The Unfinished Print: 3 June to 7 October 2001

Charles-Nicolas Cochin I, French, 1688-1754
La Mariée de Village (The Village Bride) (Antoine Watteau), 1729
from L'oeuvre d'Antoine Watteau, compiled by Jean de Julienne c. 1740 with engravings by various artists
National Gallery of Art, Washington, Widener Collection 1942.9.2092

View: state i/iii | engraving L'oeuvre d'Antoine Watteau

For the final state of this print the plate was reworked with engraving, deepening the shadows, strengthening the modeling of the figures, and giving more substance and dimension to the landscape. These subtle but consequential steps transform what was innately a print into the imitation of a painting.

Copyright ©2001 National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
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