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The Gates, collage 1996
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Wrapped Coast Valley Curtain Running Fence
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The Umbrellas Wrapped Reichstag Wrapped Trees
The Mastaba of Abu Dhabi The Gates Over the River
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The Gates
Project for Central Park, New York City

The Gates, exhibited for 16 days during February 2005, emphasized Frederick Law Olmsted's organic design for Central Park. Seven-foot-long panels of saffron-colored nylon, suspended from 7,503 steel gates, moved with the gentlest breeze to create a flowing canopy, a "golden river," over the park's walkways. Measuring 16 feet high and from 5 1/2 to 18 feet wide to accommodate the varying spans of the walks, the individual gates were installed along 23 miles of Central Park's stately paths. First proposed to New York City in 1980, The Gates was approved in 2003.

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