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Biography of
Félix-Hilaire Buhot
Buhot’s Experimental Techniques
Landing in England
state iii/v
state iv/v
state v/v
A Pier in England
state i/viii
state ii/viii
state vii/viii
The Passage
state i/iv
state iii/iv
state iii/iv
Exhibition Information
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image: Felix-Hilaire Buhot, Landing in England, 1800 image: Félix-Hilaire Buhot, Landing in England, 1879 image: Felix-Hilaire Buhot, Landing in England, 1800
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Landing in England

Buhot’s prints of the sea express the power and grandeur of nature as he focuses on ever-changing atmospheric effects, including wind, rain, and storm-filled skies.

This print is based on sketches Buhot made during his second trip to England when he landed at Ramsgate, north of Dover, on September 9, 1879.

The following three impressions reveal how Buhot worked through various stages of the print and experimented with different effects.

image: swash




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