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Biography of
Félix-Hilaire Buhot
Buhot’s Experimental Techniques
Landing in England
state iii/v
state iv/v
state v/v
A Pier in England
state i/viii
state ii/viii
state vii/viii
The Passage
state i/iv
state iii/iv
state iii/iv
Exhibition Information
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The Passage
(state i/iv)

Strong drypoint burr can be found in the arms of the man playing the harp and in the woman and dog in the margin illustration at left. Such margins as this one show anecdotal scenes that are occurring simultaneously with the events of the main subject. Interestingly, the smoke of the ship billows over the main subject to the margin above, further emphasizing the important relationship between the two parts.

The Passage, 1879–1885
etching, drypoint, roulette, and soft-ground etching on Arches laid paper, state i/iv
National Gallery of Art, Washington, Helena Gunnarsson Buhot Collection, 1995


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