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Biography of
Félix-Hilaire Buhot
Buhot’s Experimental Techniques
Landing in England
state iii/v
state iv/v
state v/v
A Pier in England
state i/viii
state ii/viii
state vii/viii
The Passage
state i/iv
state iii/iv
state iii/iv
Exhibition Information
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A Pier in England
(state i/viii)

The first state, mostly in drypoint, lays in the basic design. Particularly strong areas of drypoint burr include the dog in the foreground and the people at the left. When inking the plate, Buhot left a thin film of ink on the plate corresponding to the sky but fully wiped the lower half of the plate to create an illusion of light reflecting off a wet surface. This impression was printed on a nicely textured eighteenth-century paper.

A Pier in England, 1879
drypoint and roulette on 18th-century laid paper, state i/viii
National Gallery of Art, Washington, Helena Gunnarsson Buhot Collection,
Gift in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Art, 1990


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