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Gilbert Stuart

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1755 Stuart is born in Kingston, Rhode Island.
1769 Stuart becomes apprentice to a Scottish portraitist in Newport.
1772 Stuart lives in Scotland for a year.
1775 American Revolution begins with the battles of Lexington and Concord.
Stuart moves from Newport to London.
1776 The Continental Congress adopts The Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia.
1777 Stuart enters Benjamin West’s studio in London.
1781 British troops surrender to American forces at Yorktown.
1782 Stuart, in London, gains recognition with The Skater.
1783 Treaty of Paris is signed, establishing peace between the new
United States and England.
Stuart receives a commission for portraits of fifteen London artists,
including Reynolds, West, and Copley.
1786 Stuart marries Charlotte Coates, the daughter of an English doctor.
1787 Stuart moves to Dublin and enjoys great success in the Irish capital.
1789 George Washington is inaugurated as first president.
The first session of the United States Congress meets in New York.
Stuart is briefly imprisoned in Dublin for debts.
1790 The federal capital is transferred from New York to Philadelphia.
1793 Washington begins his second term as president.
Stuart returns to the United States and spends more than a year in New York.
1795 Stuart paints his first portrait of George Washington in Philadelphia.
1797 John Adams is inaugurated as second president; Washington retires to Mount Vernon.
1799 Death of Washington
1800 The federal capital is transferred to Washington, DC.
1801 Thomas Jefferson is inaugurated as third president.
1803 President Jefferson negotiates the Louisiana Purchase.
Stuart moves to Washington, DC.
1805 Stuart settles in Boston for the remainder of his life.
1809 James Madison is inaugurated as fourth president.
1812 War with Great Britain breaks out.
1814 British troops enter Washington, DC, and burn the White House; a peace treaty is signed at the end of the year.
1817 James Monroe is inaugurated as fifth president.
1821 Stuart receives a commission from John Doggett to paint a series of portraits of the first five presidents.
1825 John Quincy Adams is inaugurated as sixth president.
1828 Stuart dies, leaving his family poverty stricken. Philadelphia artists wear black armbands for a month.

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