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A ProvenÇal Chronology of CÉzanne: 1850–1859

After attending the public school in his neighborhood, Cézanne is registered for two years at the Catholic school of Saint-Joseph, where he befriends Henri Gasquet.
Cézanne enters the College Bourbon. An excellent student, he wins many prizes. He befriends Émile Zola, one year his junior, who entered the school the same year as he; and Jean-Baptiste "Baptistin" Baille, future astronomer and professor at the École Polytechnique. They are known collectively as "les trois inseparables" (the three inseparables). Another friend and classmate is Louis Marguery, future lawyer and writer for vaudeville.
June 1
Birth of Rose Honorine Cézanne, the third and last child of Louis-Auguste Cézanne and his wife.
Cézanne registers at the École Gratuite de Dessin [free drawing school] of Aix, in the Priory of Malta, which also houses the affiliated museum. Joseph Gibert, both director of the school and curator of the museum, is his teacher from 1858 to 1861. Cézanne takes classes in which he draws after the live model as well as after ancient sculpture in the form of plaster casts and the marble originals in the museum collection.
Émile Zola, accompanied by his grandfather, leaves Aix and moves in with his mother, in Paris. He maintains a correspondence with his friends in the Midi. Cézanne’s letters to Zola are filled with poems, rhymes, and songs. Zola returns to Aix for two consecutive summers.
November 12
After failing in his first attempt to qualify for his General Certificate of Education on August 4, Cézanne passes with the mark "rather good."
His father obliges him to study law at the law school in Aix, where he registers on December 16. He asks Zola to obtain information about entry to the École des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts) in Paris.
January 19
Cézanne registers for his second session at the law school in Aix.
April 11
Third registration at the law school in Aix.
July 7
Fourth registration at the law school in Aix.
August 25
Cézanne is awarded the second prize for painting at the drawing school in Aix, in the form of a leather-bound drawing album. Students’ works are exhibited in the "large classroom" for assessment by a jury. Cézanne submitted a "life-size study of a head after the live model painted in oil."
September 15
Louis-Auguste Cézanne acquires a country property known as the Jas de Bouffan, consisting of approximately thirty-seven acres for the sum of 85,000 francs. He moves in around 1870.
November 19
Cézanne registers for his fifth session at the law school in Aix.
November 28
He passes his first examination for the bachelor's degree. Another year and another examination are necessary to obtain a license.

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