Narrated by actor and art collector Steve Martin, this film traces Hopper's varied influences, from French impressionism to the gangster films of the 1930s. The documentary uses archival photographs and film, new footage of locations painted by Hopper in New York and along the New England coast, and interviews with artists Eric Fischl and Red Grooms, scholars, and curators. The film was produced by the National Gallery of Art and is available for purchase in the Gallery Shops. This film was made possible by the HRH Foundation. (3 mins.) Transcript


NGA Arttalk: The Mystique of Edward Hopper
Delve into the fascinating world of art with Deputy Director Alan Shestack and Carol Troyen, curator emerita, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Listen | iTunes | RSS (11:46 mins.)

NGA Backstory: Telling the Edward Hopper Story
Step behind the scenes of a world-class museum with host Barbara Tempchin and Carroll Moore, film and video producer, National Gallery of Art
Listen | iTunes | RSS (7:37 mins.)

NGA Backstory: Hopper Meets Opera in Later the Same Evening
Step behind the scenes of a world-class museum with host Barbara Tempchin and Leon Major, professor of music, University of Maryland
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Premiere Performance: "Out my one window," an aria from Later the Same Evening: an opera inspired by five paintings of Edward Hopper
Listen to the Hopper Aria by renowned composer John Musto, librettist Mark Campbell, and performed by soprano Claire Kuttler
Listen | iTunes | RSS (9:07 mins.)

The Art of Edward Hopper on The Diane Rehm Show

Listen to Franklin Kelly, curator of american and british painting, National Gallery of Art and Eve Zibart, feature writer and arts critic for the Washington Post talk to guest host Katty Kay about what influenced Hopper and why his art continues to resonate today. (60 mins.)


Many of the New England homes and buildings Hopper painted still exist today, often relatively unchanged.


This video features more than 50 of Hopper's paintings and watercolors. Senior Curator Franklin Kelly discusses New York City, New England, and the cinema as Hopper saw and portrayed them—and as we view them today through his work. The music was composed and performed by Scott Silbert of the US Navy Band and engineered by David Morse of the US Navy Band.


Focusing on one Hopper painting, Ground Swell of 1939, this lecture by Alexander Nemerov tries to provide a thicker, denser, more surprising story of what it meant for Hopper to make a painting, especially in the year 1939.

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