Giovanni Bologna's serpentine female nudes best express his virtuosity and imagination. Though antique prototypes of bathing Venuses remained central to the composition and iconography of his small bronzes, Giovanni Bologna infused the Crouching Bather with a novel sense of movement and vitality. The curves of his coiling figure create an unsurpassed sense of graceful sensuality and spiraling dynamism. The Bather has an extremely fine polish overlaid with a distinctive wire-brush treatment, a prominent aesthetic component that suggests the particular sensibilities of the Florentine sculptor and specialist bronze founder Antonio Susini. Susini became Giovanni Bologna's main assistant around 1580 and was instrumental in refining his casting and finishing techniques. The Crouching Bather was cast by Susini, who eventually set up his own studio but continued to cast small bronzes from models given to him by Giovanni Bologna.

Turn the Sculpture Yourself
Antonio Susini, after a model by Giovanni Bologna
Florentine, 1558–1624
Crouching Bather
late sixteenth or early seventeenth century