Wire Sculpture
First Abstract Constructions
Early Mobiles / Biomorphic Forms
Panels, Frames, First Stabiles / Wood Sculpture
Mobiles / Maquettes
Late 1940s-1950s
Monumental Sculpture / Towers and Gongs
Post 1950

Early Mobiles / Biomorphic Forms

By 1931 Calder was experimenting with structures that could move randomly when propelled by the wind or air currents. Cône d'ébène is one of the earliest "classic" mobiles in which hanging elements are designed to coexist in varying states of dynamic equilibrium. The biomorphic shapes of the carved wooden objects are similar to some of the forms that appear in Calder's drawings of 1932, exhibited in this room. They mark a trend in Calder's art away from geometric forms toward a more organic imagery.

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