Wire Sculpture
First Abstract Constructions
Early Mobiles / Biomorphic Forms
Panels, Frames, First Stabiles / Wood Sculpture
Mobiles / Maquettes
Late 1940s-1950s
Monumental Sculpture / Towers and Gongs
Post 1950

Wire Sculpture

Attracted by Paris' reputation as an artistic center, Calder moved there in 1926 and earned his living as an illustrator and a toy designer. At the same time, he was developing a miniature circus of articulated performers in wire, a material that he soon adapted for his sculpture. Working in this radical new medium was tantamount to drawing in space. In a series of wire portraits and full-size figures from the late 1920s, Calder captured with humor the salient features of his subjects, from president Calvin Coolidge and entertainer Josephine Baker, to his artist friend Joan Miró.

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