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The Fauves Henri Matisse  
Oarsmen at Chatou by Auguste Renoir
Auguste Renoir, Oarsmen at Chatou, 1879, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of Sam A. Lewisohn 1951.5.2


Compare Vlaminck's fauve painting of the river at Chatou with this impressionist view painted by Auguste Renoir some twenty years earlier. Both artists composed their images in a similar manner, but in other respects they differ. Renoir's gaily attired tourists, out for a leisurely day of boating, contrast with Vlaminck's working tug. Renoir's colors are bright complements, but his paint is applied with the subtle touches that make the scene appear scintillating. Like his subject matter, Vlaminck's brushstrokes—almost uniform—are more muscular.

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