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Joseph Vernet Tied to a Mast in a Storm by Horace Vernet
Horace Vernet, Joseph Vernet Tied to a Mast in a Storm, c. 1822, Musée Calvet, Avignon, photograph by André Guerrand
Vernet went to great lengths to gain real-life experience from which to render his subjects. He was reputed to have had himself bound to a ship’s mast during a storm so that he could experience a storm at sea. His grandson painted this episode.

A colleague wrote:

Vernet was sure to be on the beech [sic]; where he often prevailed on the watermen to put to sea, even during the heaviest storms, in a small open boat. By these means his mind becomes familiar to horrors, and his pencil capable of embodying...the elements in all their sublimity and grandeur.

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