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Bearden read widely in the history of art and was an avid museum-goer. Among his interests were Byzantine mosaics; Japanese woodcuts; Chinese scroll paintings; African sculpture; seventeenth-century Dutch paintings by masters such as Pieter de Hooch; nineteenth-century prints including etchings by the Spaniard Francisco Goya and lithographs by the Frenchman, Honoré Daumier; Mexican mural painting; and the art of his contemporaries, including, in Europe, Matisse and Picasso, and, in America, Stuart Davis and Ben Shahn.

[image] Prelude to Troy (No. 2), c. 1969[image] Monday Morning, 1967[image] Card Players, 1982

1. Prelude to Troy, c. 1969
2. Monday Morning, 1967
3. Card Players, 1982

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