Chim: David Seymour's Humanist Photography
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Image: David Seymour (Chim), Israel Wedding, 1952, gelatin silver print, printed before 1962 David Seymour (Chim)
Israel Wedding, 1952
gelatin silver print, printed before 1962
National Gallery of Art, Gift of Ben Shneiderman
© David Seymour Estate/Magnum Photos


Israel Wedding

Chim was fascinated with the pioneering spirit and sheer vitality that infused the settlers. Here he photographed a Jewish Orthodox wedding in a barren border region. The young couple stands beneath a "chupa," a traditional wedding tent, on which the Star of David can be glimpsed. In lieu of tent poles, however, the improvised tent is held aloft by a pitchfork and a rifle, tools—Chim quickly realized—that were emblematic of the country's struggle for survival and prosperity.