Ever wonder how many lightbulbs are necessary to light an exhibition? Read the following to discover some little-known facts about the Art Nouveau installation.

•Research and planning for the Art Nouveau exhibition began in 1994 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

•The exhibition will be seen at three venues on three different continents: the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the National Gallery of Art, Washington, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Art Nouveau is the 782nd show to be presented at the National Gallery of Art since its opening in 1941.

•The Art Nouveau exhibition covers some 18,000 square feet. (Treasure Houses of Britain filled 36,000 square feet in 1985.)

•The exhibition can accommodate up to 750 visitors an hour.

•More than 350 objects are included in the exhibition.

•More than 100 institutions and private collectors lent objects for Art Nouveau.

•More than 14,000 catalogues were printed for the NGA version of Art Nouveau.

•The exhibition construction consumed 1,440 two-by-fours, 550 sheets of drywall, 1,000 pieces of plywood, 1,350 pounds of screws and nails, 30 gallons of carpenter glue, 350 pounds of plaster, 200 gallons of paint, 188 sheets of Plexiglas, 25 gallons of Plexiglas cleaner.

•65 craftspeople worked more than 16,000 hours to complete the construction of the exhibition.

•Designers and architects made hundreds of conceptual sketches and architectural drawings in planning the exhibition.

•Conservators and production specialists inspect the objects and exhibition space every day.

•Technicians also inspect the more than 700 lightbulbs illuminating the exhibition every day.

•Humidity and temperature controls are monitored constantly to ensure the safety of the works of art.

•Four specially sealed microclimate cases regulate the temperature and humidity for the most sensitive objects.

•The largest and by far the heaviest single work of art in the Art Nouveau exhibition is Hector Guimard's Métropolitain entrance. This 4,800-pound object was assembled from seventy-two pieces.

•The Metro entrance will be relocated to the National Gallery's Sculpture Garden after exhibition at Art Nouveau's Tokyo venue.

•The Agostino Lauro parlor was assembled from more than 500 pieces.

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