The Art Nouveau exhibition has been in preparation for nearly seven years. This timeline tracks the progress in planning the exhibition, from conception to construction, through its presentation at the National Gallery of Art.

Research on the Art Nouveau catalogue and exhibition begins at the Victoria and Albert Museum under the direction of the V&A's head of research, Paul Greenhalgh.

NGA and V&A curators meet to discuss sharing the Art Nouveau exhibition.

V&A scholars tour institutional and private collections around the world researching the period and searching for the finest examples of Art Nouveau objects.

February 1999
National Gallery design department undertakes preliminary plans, assembling notebooks of reference materials and producing early sketches for exhibition spaces.

April 1999
Designer architects prepare blueprints of exhibition spaces.

May 1999
Design staff fabricates first maquettes of objects and exhibition galleries.

December 1999
Deconstruction of previous exhibition makes room for Art Nouveau.

January 2000
Staff finalizes maquettes and architectural models.

Construction of the new exhibition space commences.

Electricians start to wire the Art Nouveau galleries.

February 2000
Carpenters begin to install drywall.

March 2000 
First objects for the NGA version of the Art Nouveau exhibition begin to arrive.

April 2000
First showing of the exhibition opens on April 6 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

May 2000 
NGA technicians begin to install heating and air conditioning.

June 2000
Designer architects finalize blueprints of exhibition spaces.

July 2000
Painting begins.

First carpeting is installed.

September 2000
Final drywall is installed.

Carpet installation is complete.

Art handlers and couriers begin to install objects in finished galleries.

Lighting designers start to illuminate objects and exhibition spaces.

Silkscreening of object labels and wall texts begins.

October 2000
The nearly complete exhibition is presented to the press on October 3.

Final objects are installed

Lighting of objects and spaces is finalized.

The exhibition opens to the public on October 8.

January 2001
Art Nouveau exhibition closes in Washington on January 28.

Objects are deinstalled and prepared for return to lenders or shipment to the Tokyo venue.

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