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Examining the Painting

El Arrastre, 1902
Above left: Composite infrared reflectogram of The Tragedy (1.2-5.0 microns), showing 1902 composition beneath the painting enhanced here with red outlines
Above right:
Pablo Picasso, Corrida de toros: El Arrastre, Barcelona, 1902, pencil on paper, Musée Picasso, Paris

Supplementing the x-radiograph, an infrared study was done at a different wavelength. Rather than showing only an enhanced image of the discovered bullring composition, the new infrared image revealed an entirely separate composition. It showed a prancing horse with a bound tail and a headdress, as well as a small figure in profile and the legs of another figure in motion. Picasso abandoned the 1901 work, not to paint The Tragedy, but to produce a scene similar to a pencil drawing of 1902, Corrida de toros: El Arrastre, an image that depicts the dragging of the dead animals from the bullring.




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