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Scott Burton, Six-Part Seating Scott Burton
American, 1939-1989
Six-Part Seating, 1985/1998
polished granite
Gift of the Collectors Committee 1998.146.1

Scott Burton's work has been described as "sculpture in love with furniture." Indeed, the artist intended much of his work to be both sculptural and functional. He also preferred a public setting, where the objects would be used. Burton openly acknowledged a debt to Constantin Brancusi, who was the first modern sculptor to challenge the conventional distinction between aesthetic and utilitarian form. Here Burton contrasts the massiveness of his forms with a material -- red granite -- that is visually sumptuous and warm. The individual seats can be arranged in a circle, suggesting a ceremonial gathering, or side-by-side to form a long bench. next-arrow(6 of 17)next-arrow

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