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Developed for the National Gallery of Art by James A. Percoco, U.S. History Teacher, West Springfield High School, Springfield, Virginia

Note to the teacher:
Before implementing any of the following lesson plans teachers should familiarize themselves with the following:

  • information on this Web site pertinent to this topic
  • consultation of the sources listed in the bibliography
  • the motion picture "Glory" and any of the other listed documentaries dealing with the Massachusetts Fifty-fourth Regiment

Lesson objectives:

  • understand the role of public commemorative sculpture in the United States
  • discuss at length the place of Augustus Saint-Gaudens in American cultural history
  • utilize various kinds of primary source materials with an understanding of how they help shape and interpret history
  • determine the role of the African-American presence in the American Civil War
  • understand how all of the arts, including sculpture, music, literature (poetry), and film can serve as catalysts for influencing the public and establishing a historical context
  • recognize how certain art forms represent enduring values and become classics
  • discuss the importance of public memory in a democratic society
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