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NGA Learning Resources
National Gallery of Art offers extensive teaching resources focusing on Memorial to the Massachusetts 54th Regiment and other related topics.

Smithsonian Institution Research Information System
Access to the Smithsonian's database of art inventories is available through this site, the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System. Click the box labeled "Search SIRIS Catalogs" and select "Art Inventories" from the list of databases across the top of the next screen. You can use this site to find an inventory of sculpture, including public monuments, honoring African Americans and America's cultural diversity.

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site
This is the home page of the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site. It includes information and images about the sculptor, his home and studio in Cornish, New Hampshire, and the Shaw Memorial.

Library of Congress Civil War Photographs
This Library of Congress site includes digitized Civil War photographs and is part of the library's American Memory series of digitized images on the Internet.

The National Archives records of the Massachusetts Fifty-fourth Regiment
The National Archives holds the records of the Massachusetts Fifty-fourth Regiment. The American Originals section of the Web site includes information about the original documents of the Regiment.


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