Manet feature

Édouard Manet, The Dead Toreador, 1864

The entire background of the image has been changed, and this in turn has altered the appearance of the figure lying on the ground. In order to eliminate elements that were common to the two parts of the painting, Manet repainted the background. He took a neutral olive green tone and painted out what was described by his Salon critics as the yellow sand of the bullring along with the gate and the bull. In addition to eliminating these elements, Manet redefined the contours of the body more sharply by painting the olive green paint up to the edge of the body of the fallen toreador (actually creating a lip around the figure because the paint was so thick). Although not making the figure smaller, the softness that would result if the edges of the figure or his costume were painted over the background would be somewhat more characteristic of Manet.


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