LEFT: Johannes Vermeer, Girl with the Red Hat , c. 1665/1666, National Gallery of Art, Andrew W. Mellon Collection. MIDDLE: Johannes Vermeer, A Lady Writing, c. 1665, National Gallery of Art, Gift of Harry Waldron Havemeyer and Horace Havemeyer Jr., in memory of their father, Horace Havemeyer. RIGHT: Johannes Vermeer, Woman Holding a Balance, c. 1664, National Gallery of Art, Widener Collection.

This in-depth study was designed and produced by Donna Mann, Department of Education Publications, National Gallery of Art. Content has been adapted from the Vermeer Micro Gallery feature, the 1995 exhibition brochure and catalogue, the systematic catalogue Dutch Paintings of the Seventeenth Century by Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., curator of northern baroque paintings, and other sources. The feature was edited by Ulrike Mills, Editors Office. Thanks to Arthur Wheelock, Quint Gregory, and Ana Maria Zavala in the Department of Northern Baroque paintings for their assistance with this project.

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