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Lizzy Visits the Sculpture Garden consists of two main areas:

An animated musical STORY by Susan Finley. Lizzy, her brother, Gordon, and their mom visit the National Gallery's Sculpture Garden because Gordon, who believes himself clueless about art, has to write about it for a homework assignment. This starts an adventure in which the art comes alive for the kids, who wind up seeing the "occupants" of the Sculpture Garden in a whole new light. You should probably look at the story first.

The OVERVIEW SECTION has an interactive map of the Sculpture Garden with tiny icons of the sculptures. If you roll your cursor over a sculpture, it will become highlighted in pink, and the title and artist (along with sketches by Lizzy) will appear on a page in Gordon's notebook next to the map. Click on the icon to see what Gordon wrote for his homework about that sculpture and the artist. If you click on the bottom of Gordon's homework page, where it says "click to learn more," the National Gallery's own site about the Sculpture Garden will appear a new browser window.

To close that window and return to the overview section or to the story, click on the little square in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

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