NOTE: If your computer is running a recent version of Windows or Mac OS X and you have Shockwave 11, please use the new version of this program. This early version is for older Windows-based computers only. It will work on an old Mac, but it will take a long time to load and printing has been disabled.


Click a picture to begin. Use the green arrows to change picture menus.

For help using the NGAkids Collage Machine, roll over the question mark and hold down the mouse button. If the top of this page is blank, download the most recent Shockwave Player, or visit the Help page for technical support.

We recommend Safari browser for Macintosh OS X users. Firefox 3 has a slight display incompatibility that may cause the screen image to disappear after the Shockwave module loads. If that happens to you, just resize the browser window by dragging the lower right hand corner and the interactive will become visible again.

Capture a screen shot to save your picture on the computer or to share the file with a friend. Here's how. If you enjoyed this art activity, try Collage Machine II.

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