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If you are using a recent Macintosh computer, please use the downloadable desktop version of this program.
(The drawing function in Swatchbox is no compatible with your web browser.)

 NGAkids SwatchBox is a tool for mixing and drawing with millions of colors. Click the rainbow palette to begin.

MIX COLORS: click and drag on the rainbow palette
DARKEN & LIGHTEN: click and drag on the gray slider
SELECT DRAWING COLOR: click in the swatchbox
SAVE COLOR: drag selected color from the arrow to empty palette
CREATE: draw in the empty box at the right
PICK A COLOR FROM YOUR DRAWING: click the eyedropper and then click the drawn color
FILL BACKGROUND: click the paint bucket to fill the background with the selected color
UNDO/REDO: click the red x/green arrow toggle button the last drawing move
ERASE: click the eraser to start over


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