Click the thumbnail to pop up the full image. (You may need to scroll around the picture to find the shapes you see here.) Look at the way things tilt and seem to go back deeper into the picture. Notice how objects that are close to you appear larger than those that are far away.

Using 3-D TWIRLER, create the outline of a shape and rotate it on an x, y, or z axis, then spin it around to see it from all angles. Bring it closer to you and then push it away. Cover the shape you've made with a pattern skin and notice how the lines and shadows change. Now try to draw the same object with a pencil on paper. How can you make it seem solid and round?

What else can you draw with 3-D TWIRLER? You can make just about anything that’s the same on two sides. Your subject can be as simple as a flower or as complicated as a space station! Just think it up, draw it, and give it a twirl.

3-D Twirler



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