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Film Programs 2007

Winter Film Program 2007

Download (PDF 424k)
Film series include: Béla Tarr; Cinedance in America; Filming Othello; Jacques Rivette on the Streets of Paris

Spring Film Program 2007

Download (PDF 453k)
Film series include: Alain Resnais and Fanny Ardant; Czech Modernism 1920–1940; In Praise of Independents: The Flaherty; Parisian Panorama 1920–1930

Summer Film Program 2007

Download (PDF 343k)
Film series include: Modernity and Tradition: Film in Interwar Central Europe; New Romany Cinema from Hungary; From Vault to Screen; Lech Majewski; Journey through the Russian Fantastik

Fall Film Program 2007

Download (PDF 417k)
Film series include: Scenes from a Life: Ingmar Bergman; Aaron Copland: Music for American Movies; Edward Hopper and American Movie Culture; Bucharest Stories: New Films from Romania