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Film Programs 2008

Winter Film Program 2008

Download (PDF 536k)
Film series include: From the Archives: 16 at 12; England’s New Wave, 1958–1964; István Szabó’s 20th Century; Alexander Sokurov; In Glorious Technicolor

Spring Film Program 2008

Download (PDF 363k)
Film series include: Jean Eustache: Film as Life, Life as Film; From the Archives: 16 at 12; Max Ophuls in Hollywood; Retour à May 1968; Envisioning Russia: Mosfilm Studio; Gabriel Figueroa: Master of Light and Shade

Summer Film Program 2008

Download (PDF 901k)
Film series include: Envisioning Russia: Mosfilm Studio; From the Archives: 16 at 12; Afghanistan on Film; Michelangelo Antonioni: The Italian Treasures; Stanley Kubrick: Two Views; Manoel de Oliveira,
Portuguese Marvel

Fall Film Program 2008

Download (PDF 1.4MB)
Film series include: Film Indians Now!; Jules Dassin, American Abroad; Josef von Sternberg, Master of Mood; Péter Forgács; David Lean Restored