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Gallery Archives

Press Releases: 1961

January 4, 1961
[Odilon Redon's Pansies given by Adele R. Levy Fund as tribute to Lessing J. Rosenwald] (PDF 852KB)

January 22, 1961
Eakins exhibition to be held at the National Gallery of Art in fall of 1961 (PDF 848KB)

February 23, 1961
[M. Pierre Verlet, Chief Curator of Objects of Art at the Louvre, to give lecture, Marie Antoinette and the Art of Her Time] (PDF 838KB)

February 26, 1961
[Acquisition of Auguste Renoir's Madame Henriot from the Adele R. Levy Fund, Inc.] (PDF 1.3MB)

March 14, 1961
[The Marie and Averell Harriman Collection exhibition] (PDF 687KB)

March 19, 1961
[Transcript of a tape Mrs. John F. Kennedy made in behalf of the National Gallery of Art's 20th birthday] [Office of the White House Press Secretary press release] (PDF 815KB)

March 31, 1961
[The Marie and Averell Harriman Collection exhibition] (PDF 3.6MB)

April 1, 1961
China's National Palace and Central Museums art treasures to be seen in the U.S. National Gallery in Washington will inaugurate exhibition to be held in five cities: Treasures dating back 3000 years trace China's cultural heritage [Hamilton Wright Organization press release] (PDF 2.5MB)

April 11, 1961
[Andre Grabar will deliver tenth A.W. Mellon in the Fine Arts lecture] (PDF 2.3MB)

April 13, 1961
Eighteenth American Music Festival at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.4MB)

April 19, 1961
[Gift of Turner's The Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute, Venice; Reynolds' John Musters; and Gainsborough's Master John Heathcote by the Fuller Foundation] (PDF 2.5MB)

May 1, 1961
Roman Floor Mosaic from Tunisia (II-III century A.D.) presented by His Excellency Habib Bourguiba, president of the Tunisian Republic, to the NGA, May 4, 1961 (PDF 663KB)

May 4, 1961
[John Hay Whitney elected a trustee] (PDF 727KB)

May 16, 1961
[Pittsburgh high school student contest prize-winners of best essays on the topic of art to be flown to the National Gallery of Art] (PDF 1MB)

June 1, 1961
Long Range Exhibition Schedule (PDF 810KB)

July 9, 1961
Kress Foundation announces completion of the Kress Gift to the Nation will be celebrated in December 1961 with exhibition at the National Gallery of Art [Samuel H. Kress Foundation press release] (PDF 2.1MB)

August 30, 1961
[Gift of Auguste Renoir's Girl with a Basket of Fish and Girl with a Basket of Oranges by the late William Robertson Coe] (PDF 977KB)

August 31, 1961
[Exhibition of works by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Tiepolo Drawings, on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London] (PDF 1.8MB)

September 1, 1961
Thomas Eakins retrospective exhibition to open at the National Gallery of Art on October 8 (PDF 817KB)

September 8, 1961
Sunday evening concerts resume at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.3MB)

September 24, 1961
[Electronic guide system (LecTour) to be increased] (PDF 1.8MB)

September 29, 1961
[Thomas Eakins: A Retrospective Exhibition] (PDF 2.5MB)

October 27, 1961
[Tutankhamun Treasures exhibition to open] (PDF 11.6MB)
November 20, 1961
[Acquisition of Fragonard's A Young Girl Reading to be placed on exhibition] (PDF 740KB)

December 3, 1961
[Acquisition de Heem's Vase of Flowers purchased from private dealer to be placed on view] (PDF 849KB)

December 10, 1961
[Ceremony at which the final documents deeding over one of the largest art collections ever formed were handed to the NGA and 18 other museums] [Kress Foundation press release] (PDF 10.8MB)

December 18, 1961
[John Walker announces gift of Fragonard's A Young Girl Reading from Ailsa Mellon Bruce] (PDF 821KB)