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Press Releases: 1967

January 1, 1967
[Radio Picture of the Week programs on WGMS] (PDF 2.2MB)

January 8, 1967
Three "Lost" German Paintings to be shown at the National Gallery (PDF 2.4MB)

February 1, 1967
Major exhibitions through summer 1967 (PDF 849KB)

February 2, 1967
[Jan Gossaert's Portrait of a Banker and Hendrick Avercamp's A Scene on the Ice acquired through Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund] (PDF 2.3MB)

February 5, 1967
[A nativity scene by 13th century artist Duccio begins first Radio Picture of the Week for 1967] (PDF 662KB)

February 20, 1967
[Leonardo da Vinci's Ginevra de'Benci acquired] (PDF 2.5MB)

March 1, 1967
[Summer hours] (PDF 680KB)

March 10, 1967
Historic theatre designs of architect Inigo Jones begin first U.S.-Canadian tour (PDF 3.1MB)

March 20, 1967
Twenty-fourth American Music Festival at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.7MB)

March 29, 1967
[Mario Praz to deliver the sixteenth annual A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts] (PDF 1.5MB)

April 1, 1967
[Summer hours] (PDF 1.3MB)

April 6, 1967
[Stoddard M. Stevens elected general trustee] (PDF 988KB)

April 27, 1967
[Exhibition of mid-western works from the art collection of Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Block] (PDF 2.3MB)

May 30, 1967
[Report of the first quarter century of the National Gallery of Art from 1941-1966 published] (PDF 1.9MB)

June 1, 1967
[17 American paintings lent to Charlotte's Mint Museum of Art] (PDF 2.8MB)

June 1, 1967
Reminder Notice [June 11 is the last day for Leigh Block Collection of French 19th and 20th century paintings exhibit] (PDF 623KB)

June 25, 1967
[Exhibition, Gilbert Stuart, Portraitist of the Young Republic] (PDF 3.3MB)

August 1, 1967
Exhibition Schedule through January, 1968 (PDF 842KB)

August 1, 1967
[Réne Huyghe appointed Kress Professor-in-Residence] (PDF 1.5MB)

August 18, 1967
[Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century European Drawings] (PDF 1.6MB)

September 11, 1967
Sunday evening concerts resume at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.4MB)

October 5, 1967
[Swiss Drawings: Masterpieces of Five Centuries to open] (PDF 3.3MB)

November 2, 1967
[National Gallery of Art as the subject of NBC television special] (PDF 2.2MB)

November 6, 1967
[Gift of $20 million from Paul Mellon and Ailsa Mellon Bruce] [Office of the White House Press Secretary press release] (PDF 796KB)

November 29, 1967
[Exhibition, Fifteenth-Century Engravings of Northern Europe from the Collection of the National Gallery of Art] (PDF 3.4MB)

December 1, 1967
Exhibition Schedule: Through Summer, 1968 (PDF 853KB)

December 14, 1967
[Acquisition of Juan de Flandes' The Temptation of Christ through the Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund] (PDF 1.7MB)