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Gallery Archives

Press Releases: 1968

January 25, 1968
[National Gallery of Art docents receive National Art Material Trade Association award] (PDF 4.8MB)

January 30, 1968
[Maillol and Lehmbruck life-size sculptures acquired through the Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund] (PDF 1.5MB)

February 6, 1968
[Painting in France 1900-1967] (PDF 11.1MB)

February 29, 1968
Poet Stephen Spender to lecture at National Gallery [17th annual Mellon Lectures] (PDF 1.4MB)

March 1, 1968
Special Notice [Summer hours] (PDF 726KB)

March 17, 1968
National Gallery of Art inaugurates four-language training system (PDF 2.2MB)

April 1, 1968
Special Announcement [Change of concert time] (PDF 650KB)

April 1, 1968
Twenty-fifth American Music Festival at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.7MB)

April 2, 1968
[Exhibition commemorating 100th anniversary of Charles Meryon's death, The Etchings of Charles Meryon (1821-1868)] (PDF 1.7MB)

May 12, 1968
[Albright-Knox Art Gallery lends part of collection to the National Gallery of Art] (PDF 2.3MB)

June 7, 1968
[Regular day-time hours resumed, Sunday evening concerts to be rescheduled, Gallery closed June 9, national day of mourning for Robert F. Kennedy] (PDF 737KB)

July 16, 1968
[Bequest of Copley portrait of Mrs. Metcalf Bowler by Louise Alida Livingston] (PDF 1.5MB)

July 21, 1968
[Exhibition honoring William Sidney Mount, Painter of Rural America] (PDF 1.4MB)

July 30, 1968
[I.M. Pei retained for design of East Building] (PDF 1.5MB)

August 1, 1968
Major exhibitions through Spring, 1969 (PDF 744KB)

August 30, 1968
Photo Cutline [Walt Kuhn's Pumpkins given to the National Gallery of Art by Avalon Foundation] (PDF 757KB)

September 13, 1968
Sunday evening concerts resume at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.5MB)

October 25, 1968
[Series of exhibitions of selected paintings from the British art collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon to be shown, beginning with 16 paintings by J. M. W. Turner] (PDF 1.6MB)

October 29, 1968
Special announcement [First day ceremonies for 1968 Christmas stamp] (PDF 871KB)

November 10, 1968
[Giovanni Paolo Panini's Interior of Saint Peter's Rome acquired through the Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund] (PDF 874KB)

November 13, 1968
[Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann named 1968 Kress Professor-in-Residence] (PDF 2MB)

November 19, 1968
[Exhibition honoring William Sidney Mount to open, Painter of Rural America] (PDF 2.4MB)

December 1, 1968
Exhibition openings through Spring, 1969 (PDF 809KB)

December 12, 1968
National Gallery acquires first painting by old master Jan Van Der Heyden (PDF 1.5MB)