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Press Releases: 1969

January 1, 1969
Staff appointments [Michael R.J. Mahoney, Editor and C. Douglas Lewis, Jr., Curator of Sculpture] (PDF 1.5MB)

January 23, 1969
The Birds of America at the National Gallery (PDF 1.6MB)

February 1, 1969
Special Notice [New closing date for Audubon’s Birds of America] (PDF 691KB)

February 5, 1969
W. Howard Adams named to new administrative post (PDF 1.6MB)

February 19, 1969
[Jacob Bronowski named A.W. Mellon Lecturer] (PDF 2.2MB)

March 10, 1969
Rembrandt to be honored at National Gallery of Art [Rembrandt in the National Gallery of Art exhibition] (PDF 3.5MB)

April 1, 1969
Twenty-sixth American Music Festival at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.8MB)

April 13, 1969
[Claude Lorrain's] The Judgment of Paris acquired by the National Gallery [through the Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund] (PDF 3MB)

April 23, 1969
[Museum self-service retail area] (PDF 4.1MB)

April 30, 1969
[Exhibition of paintings by John Constable from the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon] (PDF 1.6MB)

May 2, 1969
[John Walker to retire as director, J. Carter Brown to become director] (PDF 1.7MB)

June 8, 1969
Masterpieces of American Naïve paintings to open at the National Gallery of Art [from the collection of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch] (PDF 2.3MB)

June 16, 1969
[David W. Scott to join the National Gallery of Art as consultant for new building] (PDF 4.1MB)

June 19, 1969
Portrait of a Man painting by Jordaens discovered. Hand of Flemish Master Confirmed by Infrared Photography [acquired through the Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund] (PDF 2.3MB)

June 24, 1969
Chief Curator [Perry B. Cott] retires from National Gallery (PDF 1.4MB)

June 28, 1969
Raymond S. Stites [Curator of Education] retires from National Gallery (PDF 1.4MB)

August 1, 1969
Exhibition openings through 1969 (PDF 790KB)

August 29, 1969
[Memorial exhibition honoring Ailsa Mellon Bruce] (PDF 4.3MB)

September 12, 1969
[German Expressionist Watercolors] (PDF 1.8MB)

September 12, 1969
Sunday evening concerts to resume at the National Gallery (PDF 2.3MB)

September 23, 1969
[Rudolf] Wittkower named Kress Professor in Residence (PDF 1.4MB)

October 8, 1969
[American premiere of Civilisation to be at the National Gallery of Art] (PDF 1.7MB)

October 25, 1969
[Old Master Drawings from Chatsworth] (PDF 1.6MB)

November 15, 1969
Joseph Wright of Derby opens at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.5MB)

December 1, 1969
Editors Please Note [Exhibition African Sculpture to open early 1970] (PDF 758KB)

December 4, 1969
[Works related to the Apollo missions to go on display at the National Gallery, The Artist and Space exhibition] (PDF 10MB)