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Gallery Archives

Press Releases: 1988

January 1, 1988
Exhibition of early Greek art at National Gallery [The Human Figure in Early Greek Art] (PDF 7.3MB)

February 1, 1988
Advance Exhibition Schedule (PDF 7.5MB)

March 7, 1988
Exhibition of Swedish Royal Treasures to Open at National Gallery in April (PDF 2.4MB)

March 13, 1988
National Gallery to show flag paintings of American Impressionist Childe Hassam (PDF 1.6MB)

March 31, 1988
Fitz Hugh Lane exhibition at National Gallery this summer (PDF 10.8MB)

April 15, 1988
Advance Passes for Gauguin Exhibition Available April 18. The Art of Paul Gauguin to open May 1, 1988 (PDF 791KB)

April 22, 1988
Gauguin retrospective in Washington, Chicago and Paris (PDF 2.8MB)

May 2, 1988
Katharine Graham receives National Gallery of Art Distinguished Service Medal (PDF 1.4MB)

May 4, 1988
Old Master paintings from Munich on view in Washington (PDF 2.3MB)

June 7, 1988
The East Building: A tenth-anniversary celebration (PDF 3.1MB)

June 24, 1988
Photo Opportunity [Installation of Gauguin Painting Owned by Armand Hammer Foundation] (PDF 988KB)

June 27, 1988
Exhibition of European lithography at National Gallery of Art (PDF 2.2MB)

June 29, 1988
National Gallery Vocal Arts Ensemble to sing in European festivals (PDF 1.4MB)

July 13, 1988
Roger Mandle named successor to deputy director of the National Gallery of Art (PDF 3.0MB)

July 18, 1988
Center for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts announces 1988-1989 appointments. Kress Professor [Sylvie Beguin] and Mellon lecturer [John K.G. Shearman] named (PDF 3.5MB)

July 18, 1988
47th season of Sunday evening free concerts to open October 2 at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 2.2MB)

August 1, 1988
Advance Exhibition Schedule (PDF 13.8MB)

August 3, 1988
Michelangelo drawings exhibited at National Gallery (PDF 10.8MB)

August 3, 1988
Major photography exhibition planned at National Gallery (PDF 2.4MB)

August 8, 1988
The Art of Paolo Veronese at the National Gallery (PDF 5.1MB)

August 10, 1988
Photo Opportunity: Japanese tea house consecrated at the National Gallery of Art and demonstration of traditional building method (PDF 1.8MB)

August 12, 1988
Paintings by American artist Raphaelle Peale at National Gallery of Art. First exhibition devoted to Raphaelle Peale's still lifes(PDF 2.2MB)

August 22, 1988
Exhibition of Italian Renaissance drawings to open September 18, 1988 (PDF 2.3MB)

August 25, 1988
Major exhibition of Japanese Art at the National Gallery of Art. Exhibition to appear only in Washington [Japan: The Shaping of Daimyo Culture 1185-1868](PDF 14.4MB)

August 30, 1988
National Gallery of Art Vocal Arts Ensemble receives Studio Laude Award (PDF 896KB)

September 1, 1988
Fall season of Sunday evening concerts begins October 2 (PDF 1.5MB)

September 12, 1988
The Pastoral Landscape: Two-part exhibition at the National Gallery of Art and the Phillips Collection (PDF 7.3MB)

October 18, 1988
The Kanze School of Nō at the National Gallery Special Torchlit Nō Presentation on the Mall(PDF 5.4MB)

October 28, 1988
National Gallery of Art announces American Express Company grant in support of 10th-anniversary installation of 20th-century collection. Many recent acquisitions never before exhibited at the Gallery. (PDF 1.8MB)

November 2, 1988
Media Advisory: Master Class in Nō Theater given by Principal Actor, Otoshige Sakai, and members of the Kanze School of Nō Theater in connection with Japan: The Shaping of Daimyo Culture 1185-1868 (PDF 967KB)

November 4, 1988
Media Advisory [Young People's Workshop in Nō Theater Directed by Principal Actor, Otoshige Sakai of the Kanze School of Nō Theater in Connection with Japan: The Shaping of Daimyo Culture 1185-1868] (PDF 901KB)

November 18, 1988
Art From Britain's Fitzwilliam Museum at National Gallery of Art in 1989(PDF 7.1MB)

December 2, 1988
Traditional Holiday concerts highlight winter season at National Gallery of Art(PDF 2.4MB)

December 5, 1988
Photo Opportunity: The Secretary of State and Mrs. George P. Shultz, Roger Mandle, Deputy Director, National Gallery of Art, Andrew Robison, Senior Curator, National Gallery of Art at Michelangelo: Draftsman/Architect exhibition (PDF 786KB)

December 12, 1988
Cézanne: The Early Years 1859-1872 at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 5.6MB)

December 13, 1988
National Gallery announces new additions to twentieth-century collection (PDF 28.1MB)

December 16, 1988
Daimyo family programs and lecture highlight educational offerings at National Gallery of Art in January 1989 (PDF 1.5MB)