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Image Collections Microforms

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This is a list of all microfilm and microfiche series in the Gallery’s department of image collections. Click on the links to view the records in Mercury, the library catalog.


Marburger Index
    Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
    Spain and Portugal

M.C. Escher Archive Drawings Haags Gemeentemuseum, mei 1980

Moscow: History, Architecture, Monuments Rare Works (Statistical Data about Moscow)
    Istorīi︠a︡ goroda Moskvy (1905)
    Istorīi︠a︡ Khrama Khrista Spasiteli︠a︡ v Moskvi︠e︡ (1891)
    Iz istorīi Moskvy, 1147–1703 ocherki (1896)
    Kremlʹv Moskvi︠e︡ ocherki i kartiny proshlago i nastoi︠a︡shchago (1883)
    Moskva (1935)
    Moskva podrobnoe istoricheskoe i arkheologicheskoe opisanīe goroda (1873–1875)
    Moskva putevoditel’ (1915)
    Moskva v ei︠a︡ proshlom i nastoi︠a︡shchem (1910–1912)
    Preobrazhenskoe i okruzhai︠u︡shchīi︠a︡ ego mi︠e︡sta ikh proshloe i nastoi︠a︡shchee (1895)
    Russkie dostopami︠a︡tnosti (1862–)
    Si︠e︡dai︠a︡ starīna Moskvy (1893)
    Starai︠a︡ Moskva razskazy iz byloĭ zhizni pervoprestolʹ noĭ stolit︠s︡y (1891)
    Statisticheskai︠a︡ zapiska o Moskvi︠e︡ sochinenīe (1832)
    Uchrezhdenīe Imperatorskago vospitalelʹnago dli︠a︡ prinosnykh di︠e︡teĭ doma i gospitali︠a︡ dli︠a︡ bi︠e︡dnykh rodilʹnit︠s︡ v stolichnom gorod Moskvi︠e︡ (1767–1768)
    Vsi︠a︡ Moskva (1896–)

Munich Central Collecting Point Archive (property cards from RG 260)

Musée national du cháteau de Versailles: catalogue des peintures

The Muslim World including the Searight Collection of Drawings and Prints and Material from the Drawings Department and the National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum