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Photography Credits

The National Gallery of Art has made every effort to procure all comparative figures referenced by Miklós Boskovits from the institutions he identified. In some cases, the works have been lost, and his untimely death meant that we were unable to consult him about certain images. Images the Gallery could not locate have been scanned from photographs in the author’s personal files. These figures are accompanied with the captions and photography credits (if provided) submitted by Miklós Boskovits:

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, entry fig. 3

The Assumption of the Virgin with Busts of the Archangel Gabriel and the Virgin of the Annunciation, entry fig. 1

The Birth, Naming, and Circumcision of Saint John the Baptist, entry figs. 2, 5, and 7

The Baptism of Christ, entry figs. 2, 5, and 7

Madonna and Child with Five Angels, entry figs. 2, 5, and 7

Saint Peter, entry fig. 2

Christ Blessing, entry fig. 2

Saint James Major, entry fig. 2

Saint James Minor, entry fig. 3

Saint John the Evangelist, entry fig. 3

The Mourning Madonna, entry fig. 2

The Mourning Saint John the Evangelist, entry fig. 2

The Coronation of the Virgin, entry fig. 2

Madonna and Child, with Saints Peter and John the Evangelist, and Man of Sorrows [entire triptych], entry fig. 4

The Crucifixion, entry fig. 4

Some photographs were absent even from the author’s files. A few were located in other publications, and they have been scanned and reproduced in this vol­ume. Citations for these published images are as follows:

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, technical summary fig. 1: Adolfo Venturi, La Galleria Sterbini in Roma: Saggio illustrative (Rome, 1906), 35.

Madonna and Child, entry fig. 4: Roberto Longhi, “Progressi nella reintegrazione d’un polittico di Giotto,” Dedalo 11 (1930 – 1931): 285.
— entry fig. 6: Tracing based on Magnolia Scudieri, ed., La croce giottesca di San Pelice in Piazza: Storia e restauro (Venice, 1992), 146.

Maestà (Madonna and Child with Four Angels), entry fig. 1: Alessandro Bagnoli, ed., Marco Romano e il contesto artistico senese fra la fine del Duecento e gli inizi del Trecento (Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, 2010), 97.

The National Gallery of Art has made every effort to contact all copyright holders for images reproduced in this catalog. If proper acknowledgment has not been made, please contact the Gallery. We regret any omissions.