Panorama of the Champ-de-Mars

Dôme Central and Palais des Industries Diverses: Joseph Antoine Bouvard, architect
Galerie Desaix and Galerie Rapp: Jean Camille Formigé, architect
Palais des Machines: Ferdinand Dutert, engineer; Victor Contamin, architect
Fontaine Monumentale: Jules Félix Coutin, sculptor; Jean Camille Formigé, architect

This view from the first level of the Eiffel Tower shows the Dôme Central and Palais des Industries Diverses, center; the Galerie Rapp, left; and Galerie Desaix, right. Behind the Palais des Industries Diverses is the Palais des Machines (also referred to as the Galerie des Machines). In front of the Dôme Central is the Fontaine Monumentale.

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